About Fête Furs

Fête Furs is dedicated to offering quality discount luxurious real fur garments for customers in Canada and the U.S.A. We strive to stand out from the rest by providing the best customer service experience for the most finicky online shoppers. We sell expensive and delicate merchandise and fully understand that for our customers to feel confident in their purchase, top-notch customer service is key.

We are Canadian owned and operated. We ship directly from our trusted manufacturing and trading partners in Canada, Europe and China. We do our best due diligence ensuring selection of manufacturers who;

  • Use fur pelts originating from fur breeders and/or trappers who are members of fur trade organizations concerned with championing transparent, humane and sustainable fur production practices
  • Use safe, modernized and internationally standardized fur dressing & dyeing techniques

Fur Europe 
Fur Europe is an umbrella organisation – a joint initiative between the European Fur Breeders Association  (EFBA) and the International Fur Trade Federation  (IFTF) - representing national associations in 28 countries.

Fur Institute of Canada
Promoting humane and sustainable fur production. Also charged with managing the implementation in Canada of the 1997 Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS).

China Leather Industry Association
Joined by IFTF in developing the GOOD4FUR program and awarding certification to fur farms and dressers that meet European fur production standards.

We are proud to offer a carefully curated collection of real fur coats and garments for the discerning, elegant and stylish warmth-seekers.

Have you ever considered wearing real fur as a hat tip to the environment? Real fur is long-lasting, low-shedding and naturally biodegradable. Properly cared for fur coats can be handed down through generations before deteriorating. Fur  and fur pelts can be recycled into new items such as pillow cases, mitts, hats, stuffed bears, etc. It can even be composted and returned to the earth's ecosystem.

Faux fur is a high-shedding material made up of toxic petrochemical-based fibres that linger in our environment indefinitely contaminating our watershed systems and earth. Faux fur also tends to matt and doesn't retain its original form for long, ending up in dumpsters after a few years.

Real fur is delicate and cannot be cleaned by harmful dry cleaning materials, nor can it be put in the washing machine. Faux fur is often cleaned by harmful dry cleaning chemicals or put into washing machines. It is estimated that one faux fur garment releases as many as 2000 tiny plastic particles into water systems, harming the ecosystem. 

Real fur also uses less non-renewable energy in the manufacturing process than faux fur. Faux fur can use an estimated 3x more non-renewable energy. 

We love real fur and so does our environment!